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About GoFPEP
As obesity rates continue to rise along with staggering levels of inactivity, physical educators must be prepared to assume the critical role of school and community health ambassadors. To realign the role of physical and health educators in a recumbent and ailing world culture, the forum will examine new and innovative pedagogies which embrace technology, link practice to theory, and uncover contextual, community-based solutions.

The Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy 2016 (GoFPEP 2016) invites a comprehensive discussion on the future direction of health and physical education inspired by the various expertises of international educators, teachers, health professionals, business leaders, government officials, researchers, administrators, exercise scientists, policy makers and students.

All social movements seek to create substantive change, and within this definition GoFPEP aims to network individuals and link communities with a shared focus and responsibility to transform the health and education field. International stakeholders will gather in Turkey for GoFPEP 2016, most widely representing Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

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